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Lawncare Mug Card (Glossy White)

Lawncare Mug Card (Glossy White) #3110

No Hidden Fees. Others charge extra for custom text, your logo and return address on envelope. We provide these for free!


Unveil the charm of the festive season with the delightful Lawncare Mug Card—where thoughtful sentiments meet professional elegance. Envision your customers unwrapping this treasure, a scene ensconced within the snug warmth of a lawnmower-adorned greeting card that bridges the gap between holiday cheer and your impeccable services. This card isn't just a gentle nudge reminding your patrons of the necessity to prepare their lawns for spring's grandeur; it's an extension of your brand's commitment to detail and customer appreciation. Each Lawncare Mug Card cradles a picturesque winter scene, featuring a steaming mug filled with rich hot chocolate and soft, floating marshmallows, alongside a delicate, star-shaped cookie, harmonizing to evoke memories of comforting holiday moments. Feel the luxurious touch of the smooth, glossy card stock as you hold in your hands a canvas that eagerly awaits your personal touch. Customize the front with your company's name and logo, creating an emblem of trust and quality. Transform the interior into a domain of your words, choosing from a palette of colors and fonts to inscribe your unique message—a message that resonates with goodwill and heartfelt holiday wishes. With dimensions of 5" x 7", the Lawncare Mug Card graciously pairs with a choice of solid or foil-lined envelopes. These envelopes, when embellished with your return address, transform into couriers bringing not just a card but an experience directly to your client's doorstep. Ignite the spirits, encapsulate your professionalism, and foster those lush, green relationships that bloom beyond the chill of winter. Your customers are just a card away from envisioning a spring of verdant splendor, nurtured by your services. Hand-select your Lawncare Mug Card today, and send wishes that grow gardens of loyalty and satisfaction.

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