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Roofing Card Green (Glossy White)

Roofing Card Green (Glossy White) #3369

No Hidden Fees. Others charge extra for custom text, your logo and return address on envelope. We provide these for free!


Celebrate the holiday season and hammer home the strength of your brand with the Roofing Card Green. This card elegantly captures the essence of the roofing industry through its beautifully illustrated roofer—meticulously etching shingles in mid-swing, symbolizing the hard work and dedication you put into every job. Now, as the snowflakes settle and warm lights glisten, it's time to spread that commitment to quality and trust to your valued customers and associates. Crafted with utmost care on glossy card stock, the Roofing Card Green echoes the finesse of your craft. The card's traditional style and heartfelt holiday message resonate with the nostalgia of the season, while offering a nod to your tireless industry spirit. With dimensions of 5" x 7", it stands as a testament to classic aesthetic, fitting perfectly in hand or on mantle. Add a personal touch that's uniquely yours. This isn't just another generic holiday card; it incorporates your distinct business flair. Customize your greeting to reflect your brand's voice—select the colors and fonts that match your company's ethos, ensuring every recipient feels your personal touch. And to embody professionalism from corner to corner, complete the look with envelopes coordinated to bear your return address. This holiday season, make a statement that's more than seasonal wishes. It's an extension of the dedication and quality assurance you bring all year round. Seal it within the Roofing Card Green—your gesture of goodwill and an investment in relationships that build businesses, just like the roofs that build homes. Ready to share the joy of the season in a way that only you can? Cement your company's presence with the Roofing Card Green, and make your holiday greetings a benchmark for the industry standard. Secure your order now, and start a new tradition of excellence and connection.

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