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Concrete Xmas Card (Glossy White)

Concrete Xmas Card (Glossy White) #1824

No Hidden Fees. Others charge extra for custom text, your logo and return address on envelope. We provide these for free!


Introducing the Concrete Xmas Card, the epitome of holiday spirit encased within a modern classic design. Envision the immediate impact of a high-end, monochrome facade that captures the eye, blended with the festive vivacity of traditional Christmas hues. This card doesn’t just wish your loved ones Happy Holidays—it makes a statement. The sharp contrast of black and white offers an elegant backdrop, setting the stage for the vibrant, jubilant Christmas tree that adorns the card's face. Paired gracefully with the deep red of a perfectly tied bow, as well as the delicate wrap of a ribbon meant to evoke the sense of a gift waiting to be unfurled, this card exudes a sense of premium joy. Stepping beyond the visual allure, the words “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” command attention in a rich green that pays homage to the season’s most famous florae. It’s a greeting that doesn't just speak—it sings with the warmth and cheerfulness of holiday melodies, a resounding echo of comfort and joy that resonates deeply with the festive spirit. But, the Concrete Xmas Card isn’t merely a feast for the eyes. This tangible token of consideration becomes immeasurably more treasured when it resonates with personal sentiment. That’s why we offer complimentary customization—so you can imprint your own wishes, thoughts, and memories into every card, crafting a keepsake as unique as your relationships. Picture your loved ones' delight as they receive this harmonious blend of chic design and classical Christmas charm, and imagine the cherished place this card will earn amidst holiday décor or as a bookmark in a favorite volume. This holiday season, convey more than just words; gift an experience of festive elegance they will want to revisit all year round. Order the Concrete Xmas Card today and secure your mantle as a giver of unforgettable seasons greetings.

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