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Christmas Shovel (Glossy White)

Christmas Shovel (Glossy White) #726

No Hidden Fees. Others charge extra for custom text, your logo and return address on envelope. We provide these for free!


Discover the festive charm of the Christmas Shovel card – a joyful and unique twist to spread holiday cheer to everyone on your list! This cleverly designed card captures the spirit of the season with its whimsical illustration of a heavy-duty shovel that's not just for snow, but for piling on the gift-giving joy as well. Crafted with care, each 5x7” greeting bursts with vibrant colors and detailed illustrations on high-quality glossy card stock, ensuring a delightful visual experience for the recipient. The shovel, an emblem of hard work and dedication, is brimming with colorful presents and a touch of seasonal greenery, making it a perfect nod to both the industry and the joyous time of year. The Christmas Shovel card is more than just a holiday greeting; it's a personal touch in an increasingly digital world. Personalization is not just suggested—it's encouraged and offered complimentary to make an impact that lasts long after the holiday decorations have been put away. Your heartfelt wishes etched on the sleek, glossy canvas of this card will remind your clients, colleagues, and business contacts about the strength and durability of your relationships. This is not a mere card; it's an opportunity to convey gratitude and well wishes to those who matter most in your professional sphere. It's a moment captured in ink and paper, a memento that can stand the test of time and be cherished as a keepsake. Inventory is limited, so we invite you to make a mark this holiday season. Don't shovel snow—shovel joy and delight into the mailboxes of those who have contributed to your success. Don't wait; act now to personalize your batch of the Christmas Shovel cards. It's a gesture that won’t be forgotten, much like the reliable service and solid partnerships you've built over the year. Send Your Season's Greetings Today!

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